Build Your Own Unique Flavor

Build Your Own Unique Flavor

You don’t need to be a chemist to experience the excitement of creating your own special blend of ice cream. Simply begin with the myriad of flavors available at Spiked Rich to create your very own ice cream masterpiece to enjoy. The company ships worldwide and delivers directly to your door throughout the U.S.

You begin by selecting two ice cream choices from the ice cream shop’s 24 sweet, salty and savory flavors. The range encompasses traditional flavors, along with tiramisu, rum raisin, guava, mango, peanut butter, Nutella, and Matcha green tea.

Next is the candy, fruit and bakery toppings. Ice cream Picassos can select up to three different items from among five bakery toppings, four cereals, and five fruits to adorn their creation. Granola, Amaretto chips and nuts can be added, along with 11 different types of candy that includes gummies, Reese’s, Snickers and marshmallows.

To finish off the masterpiece, you can select from 10 of the most popular and delectable sauces. You can choose two sweet toppings that include cake icing, marshmallow fluff, condensed milk, and white chocolate.

Building your own custom ice cream flavor is a rare opportunity to experience new flavor combinations that you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to try. It’s also a convenient means of obtaining the unique flavor combinations that you personally prefer.

Ice cream is a comfort food available to anyone today, but it was once reserved for the elite as far back as the ancient Egyptians. During World War II the sweet treat also became a symbol of patriotism and the U.S. Navy even built a floating ice cream factory in the Pacific. Tastes vary widely and Spiked Rich understands that. The boutique ice cream parlor provides the means for you to build your own custom ice cream flavors.

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