Popular Ice Cream Trends

Popular Ice Cream Trends

Ice cream aficionados are always looking for new flavors and trends to appease their love of one of the most popular treats in the world. Ice creameries have accommodated that desire in multiple ways ranging from vegan versions and alcohol-infused flavors to nitrogen-suffused selections.

Today’s ice cream has gone far beyond the basic vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Even toppings have evolved from plain fruit and sprinkles. The delightfully delicious treat has changed radically over the years and it continues to evolve as ice cream fans seek more sophisticated, indulgent and gourmet options.

One trend that hasn’t changed is ice cream as comfort food. Since its invention, ice cream has been viewed as comfort food and even though today’s frozen treat is combined with a myriad of “extras,” one of the top trends is toward flavors that are comforting and provide a sense of nostalgia.

One of the fastest-growing trends is toward ice cream made from natural products and that’s an accompaniment to another trend for health and wellness products that includes protein and low fat/sugar ice cream. People are more aware of the ingredients that go into the food they consume and that includes their favorite ice cream

Consumers are seeking flavorful ice cream crafted with natural ingredients without unnecessary additives and preservatives. It’s part of the push by fans that desire ice cream that can be consumed without compromising health and wellness.

Individuals also want convenience and on-the-go products. It’s resulted in lines of small, single-serve ice cream containers and an increase in the sale of pints over half-gallons and family or party-size buckets. Included in the convenience category is novelty ice cream and the ability to purchase a single ice cream bar or ice cream on a stick that can be eaten on-the-go.

No matter what form it takes, ice cream is still considered an indulgence and that perception continues to spur chefs and ice creameries to new heights in gourmet offerings. Today’s ice cream recipes may incorporate unexpected ingredients from corn on the cob, hot peppers, buttermilk, tea, and lavender, along with real bits of flowers, but one thing remains unchanged – ice cream is a sweet treat that’s perfect anytime of the year.

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