Vegans – Feel Free to Indulge

Vegans – Feel Free to Indulge

For many years, those living a vegan lifestyle were subjected to ice cream substitutes that lacked flavor, consistency, and the richness in which everyone else reveled. The good news for vegans is that they can now indulge in ice cream that’s every bit as rich, creamy and savory as its traditional cousin.

Spiked Rich believes that vegans should have the same opportunities to assuage their ice cream desires as others. To accomplish that, the company provides individuals with a create-your-own smorgasbord of vegan ice cream flavors, toppings, and rich sauces. Individuals can combine a myriad of selections to design their very own custom flavor.

The company offers 13 vegan flavors that include banana and guava to Matcha green tea and pistachio, along with other popular selections. Individuals can choose a single flavor or combine up to two of the delicious options. The non-dairy ice cream is crafted with coconut milk and all the toppings and sauces are completely non-dairy.

Toppings for ice cream run the gamut from fruits, cereals and bakery items to candy and nuts. Spiked Rich has an extensive selection of 20 favorite toppings for vegan customers and they can choose up to three when developing their custom creation.

Sauces are the delectable indulgence that bring a custom creation together and bind the flavor combinations. Spiked Rich customers can choose up to two of the company’s sauces of chocolate fudge, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff or strawberry.

Creating vegan ice cream that tastes as luxurious and decadent as a traditional one is a culinary art form. It’s a skill that Spiked Rich has mastered with its gourmet, micro batches. The formulation technique ensures that every one of its vegan-specific ice cream creations is rich, creamy and packed with flavor making it easy for vegans to feel free to indulge their desire for a gourmet comfort food.

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