Alcohol Infused

At Spiked Rich we generously infuse our ice cream with premium spirits to create a luscious ice cream cocktail. A truly memorable indulgence. Spiked Rich is the feel good ice cream!

Must be 21+ to consume. Adult Signature required upon delivery. Package will not be left at the door.

Birthday cake martini

Get the Party Started with Moist Cake Batter Ice Cream Filled with Colorful Rainbow Sprinkles, Chocolate Sprinkles, Premium Vodka, and a Cake Icing Swirl.


Loaded red velvet

Moist Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream Filled with Fudge Chocolate Brownies, Cheesecake Pieces, Premium Vodka, Choco Noir Chocolate Liqueur, Swirls of Fudge and Cake Icing. The Perfect Alcohol Infused Ice Cream Gift!


Almond joy martini

Our Bold Alcohol Infused Amaretto Ice Cream makes the perfect Ice cream Gift! It's Paired with Choco Noir Chocolate Liqueur, Premium Almond Liqueur, Shreded Toasted Coconut, Sliced Roasted Almonds, and a Swirl of Chocolate Fudge.


White russian

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Paired with Premium Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Sweet Irish Cream, White Chocolate Morsels, and a Rich White Chocolate Swirl. An Awesome Alcohol Infused Ice Cream Creation!


Strawberry mimosa

Creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Filled with Fresh Strawberries, Sparkling Champagne, Triple Sec Orange Liqueur, and a Strawberry Swirl.


Whiskey fire

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Paired with a Fiery Cinnamon and Whiskey Flavor, Toasted Crushed Pecans, Crunchy Salted Pretzels, and Streaks of Sweet Chocolate. This is one Alcohol Infused Ice Cream You Won't Want to Miss!


Dulce de agave

Our Alcohol Infused Dulce De Leche Ice Cream is Creamy & Sweet and Paired with a Premium Blue Agave Tequila, Decadent White Chocolate Morsels, Swirls of Sweet Caramel and Condensed Milk. These are The Best Alcohol Infused Ice Cream Gifts on The Internet!


Mango margarita

Fresh Mango Flavored Ice Cream Spiked with Blue Agave Tequila, Super Premium Margarita Mix, Triple Sec Orange Liqueur, and Colorful Rainbow Sprinkles for the Perfect Alcohol Infused Ice Cream Fiesta!


Strawberry cheesecake daiquiri

Fresh Tasting Strawberry Ice Cream Loaded with Cheesecake Chunks, Crushed Graham Crackers, Caribbean Rum, Coconut Rum, and Streaks of Strawberry Sauce Makes an awesome Alcohol Infused Ice Cream Gift Set for You or Someone Special!


Pina colada

If You Like Pina Coladas then you're Going To Love Our Alcohol Infused Creamy Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut Shreds, Toasted Coconut Flakes, Fresh Pineapples, Caribbean Rum, and Coconut Rum. Makes The Perfect Ice Cream Gift Set!


Chocolate chip mojito

Our Intense Alcohol Infused Mint Ice Cream is Loaded with Decadent Chocolate Chips, Super Premium Mojito Mix, Caribbean Rum, and Swirls of Chocolate Fudge. The Perfect Ice Gift for any 21+ and Over Ice Cream Lover In Your Life!


Tipsy for nutella

Our Alcohol Infused Creamy Hazelnut Nutella Ice Cream is packed with Fudge Chocolate Brownies, Caribbean Rum, Choco Noir Chocolate Liqueur, and Streaks of Nutella Sauce. Delicious and make a great Ice Cream Gift!


Frisky whiskey

Are You Ready for This Rich Chocolate Salted Caramel Alcohol Infused Ice Cream Filled with Crunchy Salted Pretzels, Bold Canadian Whiskey, Streaks of Sweet Caramel and Chocolate Fudge. Couple it with More of our Alcohol Infused Ice Cream to Create the Perfect Ice Cream Gift Set!


Spiked coffee

Our Alcohol Infused Bold Italian Espresso Coffee Ice Cream with Mini Chocolate Chips, Coffee Liqueur, Premium Vodka, and a Sweet Caramel Swirl will make any Ice Cream Lovers Dreams Come True!


Cookies & irish cream

Our Decadent Alcohol Infused Cookies & Cream Ice Cream is Filled with Moist Chocolate Brownies, Sweet Irish Cream, Premium Vodka, and Swirls of Fudge. Makes a Great Ice Cream Dessert For Yourself or the Ice Cream Lovers in Your Life!


Birthday Cake Martini
Loaded Red Velvet
Almond Joy Martini
White Russian
Strawberry Mimosa
Whiskey Fire
Dulce De Agave
Mango Margarita
Strawberry Cheesecake Daiquiri
Pina Colada
Chocolate Chip Mojito
Tipsy for Nutella
Frisky Whiskey
Spiked Coffee
Cookies & Irish Cream